We know this is a rough time for everyone, so we wanted to reach out with a few points you may want to know.

First, for schools who are reopening, we have been testing our poly urethane casts with different types of cleaners to see how they would react and have found that France Casts can be cleaned with most standard cleaners. We sprayed one cast several times over a couple of days with disinfecting spray and found no ill effects, and testing continues. If you are handling casts in your lab and need us to check out different cleaners to be sure your casts will be safe, please let us know and we'll make an effort to try them with any cleaner you would like us to test (if we can get our hands on the same kind). We would not recommend certain cleaners on casts that are colored, as it will impact the finish. If you have this concern, please contact us and we'll recommend some solutions for you.

Second, we know how critical it is for students to see in person and handle bones or replicas in order to learn well. We would love to help make that possible. If you are not meeting in person and you have a need that includes your students having their own sets of bones for the coming semesters, please reach out to us and see what we can do. We could put together a special set and discount it for students so they can have them in hand at home, we just need to know what you need and how we can help. Again, please reach out and let us know what we can do to make life easier for you and your students this year.

Finally, we appreciate all of the wonderful customers we have had and continue to have over the years. You make this business a joy to be a part of each day. Thank you for your continued support, your concern as we weather this storm, and your dedication to your fields of study and the greater body of scientific knowledge. We appreciate the struggle this pandemic must be for all of you, and will do all we can to help you and your students now and in the future.

Stay Safe and Keep Learning,

The France Casting Crew

At France Casting we are proud to offer the highest quality skeletal replicas available. We are continually working to expanding our collections to provide more of what you need for your classrooms, fieldwork, museum displays and all your skeletal casting needs. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can best help you with whatever your needs may be.

If you have questions or would like to place an order, please contact us at or simply call 970-221-4044, and thank you for your continued business!

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Better than bone for teaching
Students can be brutal, and all of us slip once in a while. Our casts are extremely durable, far more so than teeth or dry bone, yet they still include all the wonderful details of the original bone. A real bone is the only copy of a unique item, and if it’s broken, some of the information is lost. If a student puts our casts down hard, you won’t cringe!

Better than bone for museum displays
Many individuals are now uncomfortable seeing real bone on display in a museum, so why not use a cast that looks just like the original in every detail. The durability of our casts will even allow for hands on displays where visitors can feel the actual texture of the original bone with no danger of ruining irreplaceable originals. Using our replicas even allows you to use the same bone pathology in two different displays.

Better than bone for human identification
You cannot have standards for age identification that are real bone. We need accurate casts that precisely represent standards. Our casts do just that, and they are washable so they can be used in any situation!

France Casts are not mass produced
Each cast is hand-made and of museum quality. Each cast is inspected multiple times before it is signed, boxed, and shipped to you. We are proud of the quality of each cast, and will not take shortcuts. It takes more time, but the results are worth it.

Each cast is unconditionally guaranteed!
If you are dissatisfied with one of our replicas, you may return it for exchange or refund. No hassle, no restocking fees, no “only for store credit.” We want you to be satisfied!

Note: If a cast is damaged in shipment, please notify us and the shipper as soon as possible. If possible take photos of the damaged item and more importantly the damaged container for insurance purposes.          ©2003-2020 France Casting