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France Casting undertook new ownership in February 2011, but not new faces.

If you have done business with France Casting since 2004, you have likely worked with, if not spoken to me, the owner Shane Walker. I am a graduate of the University of Colorado at Boulder, with a Masters in Biological Anthropology. My interests were to further my education with a PhD in Forensic Anthropology, but the great excitement over forensics at the time derailed those plans a bit.

Along the way I met Dr. Diane France and had the opportunity to work with her on a case and eventually work for her in this business as I finished up my degree and looked into PhD programs across the US. When my "derailing" was in its early stages, Diane asked about my desires to take over her business. That was a hard decision to make because it involved giving up some of my dreams in exchange for others I had never considered. After much reflection and discussions with my better half, I realized that this business has many perks, and I believe is a good fit for me for several reasons. First, it involves two of my greatest loves: all things osteological, and the creativity and artistry it takes to make a masterpiece, and yes what we make are masterpieces. Second, it meant staying in Colorado, a place I have come to love. Third, it fulfilled one of my lifetime goals of not just being another 'whatever' [fill in an appropriate job title here], but gave me the opportunity I have always sought to do something different; to excel at something a million other people aren't doing. That's what I found in France Casting.

The other great reason for taking on this challenge of running my own business, is that it allows me to work with all of you amazing people, to interact with you daily, to see you on occasion face to face, and to continue to provide you with the best casts available so that our work as scientists, educators, and researchers never suffers and never stops. I am committed to excellence and will do everything I can to make sure you see that in every cast you purchase from me, no matter how big or how small.

I look forward to many years of doing business with each of you, and thank you for the opportunity.


The rest of the team:

Molly Bartlett Nettleingham joined out team after completing a Bachelors degree from Fort Lewis College and an "Mrs." degree shortly thereafter. She has a proven knack for this work and her meticulous style and attention to detail makes her an ideal candidate for producing the quality of casts we demand here. She was therefore made our production manager and has excelled in every way for many years since. Her attention to detail continues to be shown not only in our casts, but in her attention to organization and cleanliness, which I continually appreciate.
Thank you Molly!

Morgan Brownlee joined our team most recently. Morgan joined our team in 2017 after finishing up a degree at Colorado State University and came to us highly recommended by those she worked with there, and has lived up to everything they said about her. She is also very organized and attentive to details, a requirement to deal with such fine work as our casts, and is a great addition to the team.

Dr. Diane France (emeritus) founded this company many years ago. While she is not officially employed at France Casting and has moved on to other amazing projects, she is still a big part of what we do here, and deserves at least an honorary role as a member of our team. Not only did she found this company and make a lasting name for it, but she also continues to work as a contractor for all of our molding needs, especially those truly tricky items that few if any other people in the world could mold so well. Her 30+ years of knowledge and experience molding and casting items from all over the world is an invaluable resource that is indispensable to what we do. She is also a great sounding board for any issues, concerns, or ideas we might have for changing and improving the business. She is a constant support in so many ways and is appreciated more than she could possibly know. Her gifts and talents continue to bless the world through her custom casting, her books, her forensic expertise, and her genuine love and concern for people, which if you have ever met her you have experienced and know to what I refer. She is a gem of a lady and I am privileged to be able to know and work closely with her. She is also the owner and supplier of the non-human primates still on our website, through her branch off company, France Custom Casting.









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