Fragmentary Casts Series

Welcome to a better teaching experience through our FRAGMENTS COLLECTION! As always these are casts reproduced from original bones in order to maintain the highest standards of accuracy and the amazing detail you have come to expect from France Casting. The casts are reproduced in durable poly urethane, guaranteed to last a long time and withstand a great deal of abuse so your original bone does not have to.

For a link to our full set of individual photos, click below:

Individual Fragment Photos on our Facebook Page

Full Fragments Collection #1

Includes the full set of 55 fragments currently available. This set includes cranial & postcranial fragments, as well as a few non-human fragments for variety.

$1375.00 (or $25/fragment)

Fragments Collection: 1-24 Pieces

We know budgets are not always what you would hope. Therefore we are offering the fragments in whatever quantity you can currently afford. In our small fragments sets you can order anywhere from 1 to 24 fragments to get your collection started. Pick and choose what fragments you would like or let us put together a mix for you. Just indicate your preference when you order. For a list of fragments, please email us at

$35 each ($35-$840 possible)

Fragments Collection: 25-49 Pieces

Have a bit bigger budget but not enough for the full set? Here you can order larger quantities which allows us to give you a bigger break on your order. Again, pick and choose if you wish, or just let us mix up a bag for you. We'll keep track of what you order so if you wish to complete the set later, you can.

$30.00 each ($750-$1470)          ©2003-2020 France Casting