Miscellaneous Casts

Articulated Bear Hindpaw

Articulated with brass wire and springs (unless you specify elastic cord), this is a hindpaw from a black bear, and from the calcaneus through the terminal phalanges (claws). From California State University, Chico, and is cast in resin.


Disarticulated Bear Hindpaw



Articulated Bear Forepaw

Forepaw, including carpals, articulated with brass wire and springs (unless you specify elastic cord), from a black bear. From California State University, cast in resin.


Disarticulated Bear Forepaw



Bear Cranium and Mandible

U. americanus, in excellent condition.


Mountain Lion Cranium
and Mandible


This large adult male had a broken canine, but that has been reconstructed, and I’ll bet you can’t tell which one it is.


Hyena Male

From Egypt, this is in excellent condition.



Tiger Male

This large male is in great condition, with all teeth present and in good condition.



Swan Furculum

Do your students really know their anatomy? Try this on them! Even some experts confuse this with an edentulous mandible.


Katanda Bone Points

Barbed bone points from Zaire, dating to approximately 80,000 BP (or more), excavated by Alison Brooks, Ph.D. and John E. Yellen, Ph.D. between 1986 and 1990 (Science 268:548-556, 1995). Originals are currently at the Smithsonian Institution. Other than those shown are also available. Call for details!

a: K9:6……..$45.00
b: K9:7…… .$75.00
c: K9:16……$75.00
d: K9:10……$75.00
e: K9:5…..…$75.00
f: K9:2……..$65.00
g: K9:3……..$48.00

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