France Casting offers original casts from

The National Museums of Kenya Casting Program

These are materials made by the Museum personnel, shipped to France Casting, and then to you. They are NOT duplicated from photographs, measurements, or examination of casts - they ARE made directly from the original specimens!

Why are we doing this?

You deserve an accurate cast made from the original, not material estimated from photographs or measurements of a cast of the specimen.
If you buy directly from the National Museums of Kenya or from France Casting, you are providing support for the products and programs of the museums in Kenya.

Every cast you buy directly from the web site of the National Museums of Kenya at The National Museums of Kenya or through France Casting gives some assurance that the incredible research programs engaged in locating, excavating, studying, and casting the original fossils will continue. The National Museums of Kenya have requested both respect for their products and that other possible sources not duplicate those products without permission. Buying from other suppliers provides no support for the National Museums of Kenya.

How are we doing this?
France Casting has an agreement with the National Museums of Kenya to be their distributors (although you still may order directly from them via their website, and we urge you to consider that alternative). We order from them and then we ship to you when the material arrives in the US.

It is important to note here that our agreement allows us to accept purchase orders for National Museums of Kenya casts. This has not been possible in the past due to the National Museums of Kenya's policy that casts must be paid for in advance. By making these casts available through France Casting, we hope we are expanding the opportunity for many of you to purchase genuine National Museums of Kenya casts when you may not have been able to previously.

Are we making money on the deal?
France Casting has put together this program in order to insure that high quality casts will be available to those who expect that quality. The availability of France Casting as an intermediary distributor was developed principally in order to facilitate purchases from Kenya in circumstances where there may be some hesitancy with ordering from a foreign source. The price of the cast is the same to you, whether offered by France Casting or from the National Museums of Kenya. They discount the price of the cast to us just enough to cover the cost of shipping to the United States and on to you.

France Casting believes that, when scientific enterprises in any country are able to offer a superior product at a competitive price, thereby supporting important scientific activities, we should consider lending our support to such efforts, in order that they, too, might survive and continue those activities. That is one of our ethical standards, and we hope that you share that with us.

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Link to NMK's catalog below and watch for the new catalog coming soon!
To find the casting catalog, click on the link below. If problems occur, go to the NMK website, then Downloads, followed by Product Documentations

The National Museums of Kenya Casting Catalogue
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