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The same time, effort, and attention to detail we place in each of our casts is also given to every gift shop item, so you can expect nothing but the best here. They are either made in house (earrings and keychains) or made locally so we can insure the highest quality available. We offer a variety of clothing, collectables, and novelty items to choose from. Sizes in clothing range from infant (6 months) to XXXL, but colors and sizes vary by availability and our yearly whims, so please contact to see what we have in stock, or to place a custom order. If you want custom keychains or earrings, that can easily be done upon request. Again, just contact us for more information.

National Museums of Kenya items are made by their casting department in Kenya (keychains and mini fossil crania), or for them by us (clothing items) and the profit from these items goes directly to their casting and research programs, so as always, thanks for supporting NMK as well!

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T-Shirt with drawings

These shirts feature our classic design with an exquisitely detailed line drawing of a human, chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan, and siamang skull--anterior views on the front, posterior views on the back of a white shirt. An eye catching, but classy shirt. Adult sizes small-xxxl.



Colored T-shirt with drawing

A slight twist on our classic design above, these shirts feature what might be called a negative of that original design. These shirts are striking in their contrast with a white version of the line drawn skulls on black or various colored backgrounds. Anterior views appear on the front of the shirts with posterior views on the back as with the classic drawing shirt. Also available in Glow-in-the-Dark. Check to see if our yearly whims can provide in the size you need.



Ladies Colored or Classy Black T-shirt with drawing

Same design as described directly above, but now produced in a ladies cut. We now offer two varieties.

The first (right) is a longer shirt with a tapered, more fitting cut and is made of lightweight stretchy fabric (Bella brand). An excellent shirt for ladies who prefer a more fitted feel and look.

The second (left) is a Bella Missy Fit, for those preferring not such a tight fit, but still a ladies cut. This is more like a standard T but with a bit of a woman



Infant-Kids-Youth T's
with drawing

These are the perfect gift for all those kids in your life-yours or someone else's. These shirts are fun for all ages from 12, 18 and 24 months to late teens. They feature our skulls drawing both front and back and most importantly come in GLOW-IN-THE-DARK. Just a little sun makes the skulls light up beautifully. They feature the same contrast of white/glowing primate skulls on a variety of colorful backgrounds. Please check with us for currently available colors and sizes.



Infant Onesies
with drawing

Onesies are here! For years we were unable to produce onesies, but due to popular demand (and a fair amount of perserverance) we finally have them. These comfy onesies include the shoulder fold for easy placement over the head and a three snap design for a secure fit. They come in a variety of lighter colors (typcially including green, pink, blue, or yellow shades) as well as classic white, with skulls front and back. Sizes include 6, 12, and 18 months.



with Classic Drawing

One of our newest undertakings, these hoodies are sure to please. They come in all sizes from youth small to adult xxl. Dark heather shown is the original print, but some colors are available as well including red, green, and navy. Inquire for availability of sizes and colors.



Glow in the Dark
Boxers with drawing

Another excellent gift for yourself or someone you love. These lively boxers glow-in-the-dark and feature purple line drawn skulls front and back, on a super comfortable cotton design. Sure to be a hit with anyone, male or female! Adult sizes s-xxl.

$25.00-Currently out of stock.


Glow in the Dark
Pelvic Bones Underwear

If you thought the boxers were a classic, try these babies on for size! Our one of a kind pelvic underwear were hand designed in house to appease the ladies in our lives. They feature pubic bones on the front and a sacrum on the back, and of course, glow for added excitement! These are a Jockey Elance panty, so we suggest checking their site for the perfect size. (Available in sizes 5-10). Additional styles for different tastes are being sought and suggestions are always welcome!

$25.00-Currently out of stock.


Totes with Line Drawing

Sturdy totes to show everyone your love of bones! They come in various colors including natural, black, royal blue, red, and navy. Front skull design only.


T-Shirt with Primate Skeletons

This design features an excellent line drawing of an orangutan skeleton on the front of the shirt, and of a gorilla skeleton on the back. Both are glow-in-the-dark! Available in ash colored shirt.



Bone Cast Earrings

These earrings feauture our highly detailed casts of individual hand and foot bones. Typically available are various cast of human phalanges and carpals with a colored bead accent. Custom earrings can be made upon request. Inquire for prices and option on custom designs.

$20.00 per pair


Bone Cast Keychains

Have you ever wanted a bone of your own? If you can't afford one of our beautifully crafted skulls, then this is the option for you. Key chains come with a beaded chain for easy connections to any key ring, backpack, hand bag, or location of your choice. Casts included are typically the longer bones of the hand and feet including the tarsals, metatarsals, metacarpals, proximal phalanges, and other various bones. Species options include human, bear, orang, chimp, and gorilla. Make a request, or let us choose for you from the variety we keep on hand.

$10.00 each


National Museums of Kenya
Fossil Hominid

These are truly wonderful keychains made directly by the crew at the National Museums of Kenya. They are sculpted by Kenyans to be an accurate scaled down replica of the actual fossil hominid casts they discover and distribute. We keep some on hand, but they can be ordered directly from NMK, or from us by request. Options include Zinj, habilis, erectus, and boisei among others. (Accompanying picture is of the only varieties left on hand currently)

$10.00 each

Primate Mug

These beautiful 15 oz coffee mugs have three views of an orangutan – one is skeletal, one is skeleton on top of the fleshed (and furred) orangutan, and the last is of a complete orangutan in a forest environment.


Bone Puzzle

This 11 X 16” 200 piece puzzle shows bones of chimpanzee, orangutan, gorilla, and human, creating a fun and challenging puzzle for all ages.

(Original lphoto courtesy of Dr. Diane France)



Skull Puzzle

This double-sided puzzle (that’s right, an image on each side!) is fun and challenging to assemble It’s 50 pieces, 6 X 8.5” in size, and features images of Tibetan skulls.

(Puzzle photo courtesy of Dr. Diane France)


Polo Shirt with Embroidered Chimpanzee

These are polo shirts with a very nice embroidered chimpanzee skeleton on the breast. The shirts are made of a high quality fabric. Color choices vary by what we have on hand. Please check with us for availability.

Not in stock. Please inquire for a quote.

Denim Shirt with Embroidered Chimpanzee

These denim shirts have the same chimpanzee as t-shirt above, with design on the left breast. Sizes and color options vary.

Not in stock. Please inquire for a quote.

T-Shirt with Embroidered Orangutan

These women’s shirts run small (if you like them a little big, order very big! Dr. France usually wears a medium and she wears an XL in these). They are very pretty, and could be worn in many situations. The embroidery is of a little orangutan (not skeletonized) playing around a tree on a short-sleeved women’s T. Available in royal blue, black, and sand.

Not in stock. Please inquire for a quote.

Polo Shirt with Orangutan

These have the same embroidery as shirts (above) but are on polo shirts. Inquire by email or phone for sizes and color options.

Not in stock. Please inquire for a quote.          ©2003-2020 France Casting